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The Waterline Apartments


2900 Grand Ave, Everett, WA


Brian Stuchell

(425) 320-1242

The Grand Ave

The Grand Ave is a 220 unit mixed-use residential/commercial development with approximately 40,000 SF of ground-level commercial space.  Residential occupancy has been steady at 97% since stabilization.  The ground-floor level is currently comprised of a centrally located residential lobby and Choux Choux, a French bakery located adjacent the 4,200 SF courtyard.  Originally conceived as a year-round farmers market, an initial phase comprised of ~15,000 SF was built-out including a 2,600 SF double-hooded commercial kitchen, restrooms and finished market space.


The Opportunity

The ground-level commercial space is being repositioned to take better advantage of The Grand Ave’s unique design features, amenities, and the burgeoning revitalization of downtown Everett.  The design herein represent a demising scheme aimed to maximize diversity.  The character of the building also affords ample opportunity to absorb uses of varying sizes not necessarily illustrated herein.  Two restaurant spaces and a brewery opportunity are particularly worthy of highlight and are feathered herein.


Opportunity Overview

* Spaces from ~779 SF to ~35,000 SF


Uses Desired by Marketplace

* Restaurants

* Retail - urban haunts, pet stores and the like

* Personal Services - hair salon, spa

* Financial - bank or credit union

* Fitness Center

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